Trance Mediumship - an overview

Trance is a form of mediumship in which the practitioner sets their own consciousness to one side and allows a communicator, or communicators, from the world of Spirit to speak directly to the recipients using the mediums voice box.

The speaker is likely to bring forth a representation of their own individual character both in voice and mannerisms. At times this can also be seen as changes in the position and appearance of the body, with an overshadowing and changing of the facial features being noticeable on occasions. Speakers who have not communicated before, or infrequently, will often bring with them a display of the condition that brought about their transition to Spirit. This is a side effect of drawing close to the earth plain and at times it is used as a further 'proof' of identification.

With some trance mediums the voice characteristics change dramatically, with very discernible cadences between the different communicators. However, with others the voice may change very little from that of the mediums regular speaking voice. Even if this is the case, it is the message that is important not the presentation. If the information is valid and displays a level of understanding beyond that of the knowledge of the medium, then the purpose to trance communication has been achieved.

Is it scary?
No, when developed, trance communication is as natural as holding a conversation with an old friend. The transition of the medium entering and exiting control should be gentle as if going off to, then waking from a sleep. During development the experience may be somewhat alarming to an uninitiated onlooker as control and energies require a great deal of time and effort to perfect. This is why the development of mediumship of any kind should be conducted in a safe controlled manner with an experienced 'watcher' and never alone.

Trance should not be mistaken for possession, which is quite different and very undesirable. The medium or 'link' is a willing participant, who through training and familiarity has built up an absolute bond of trust with the Spirit workers. When the medium is under control, they assume responsibility for not only the communication but the physical functioning and well being of the medium to ensure no harm comes to them.

This is a team effort. Any number may be working Spirit side, but we understand that there are usually those who work with balancing energies that enable the communications to come through, those who attend to the needs of the medium when under control, a door keeper who marshals those who wish to come forward and keep out that which is undesirable and a principle communicator or communicators. The medium is the earth bound link in this team. They are a willing passenger if you like, a sleeper on the train, as events unfold around them.

At all times these demonstrations must be considered experimental and no guarantee can be given on an entranced state being achieved by the medium. The quality of communication can vary as well, the reasons for this are beyond the scope of this brief outline, but include; Weather, well being of the medium, solar and lunar activity, negativity both on a personal and international level.

The direction that the trance sitting will take is very much up to those who communicate from Spirit. They may wish to bring forth loved ones who have passed over, speak on a particular subject, engage in philosophical debate, or be prepared to answer any question that you may have. It may be any combination of these things. The act of communication is extremely hard for those in Spirit if they are not trained and acclimatised to it. Some desperately try to speak and become exasperated at their lack of ability, others may not be able to do it at all. It may seem strange, but there are many examples where the very effort and concentration required to initiate communication robs the communicator of thought and they cannot express what they really want to say or seem to forget details. Remember, it is as much of an experiment to them as it is us.

Final Thoughts
We should not expect or rely upon those in Spirit to offer solutions and solve our problems for us. We have free will and freedom of choice with which we must find our own answers. They can however, offer insight and a perspective on things that we often cannot see for ourselves because we are to close too a situation. The term Guide is a bad one because it implies to many that they can relinquish personal responsibility, this must not be the case. They have no desire to lead, better to let them walk beside us as friends.

If you should wish to ask a personal question during a trance sitting or demonstration, do not always expect to receive the answer that you are looking for. We often receive what we need not what we want, the two are very different and not always comfortable to the recipient. This is also the case with the other forms of mental mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience but especially true in trance, where the information is coming direct from source. In true trance communication do not expect to be given platitudes, if advice is appropriate it will be given where possible, if reassurance is required it will be provided, if credit is due or earned the communicators will acknowledge this. However, if you are seeking the warm fuzzy of self-congratulation it is likely that you will very disappointed, as the reply will probably be blunt enough to be blunt to put a pin in your ego!

Sometimes the communicator is not permitted to give an answer because it may affect the outcome of future events or it may be inappropriate for us to given further information. With difficult concepts, answers are usually given in a manner that is appropriate to our level of understanding and often the simplest words are empowered with exceptional meaning. After all what would be the point of explaining the workings of the Space Shuttle to an eighteenth century aboriginal tribesman? None at all, because they would have no point of reference on which to base their understanding.

Trance mediumship is a serious business. However, it is not solemn or sombre it is no more or less than a conversation between friends. Quite frankly, to those who do not understand what is going on, it can look like someone sitting there putting on a voice and I am sure that this is the case with some who wish to delude themselves. But what is the point, nothing is to be gained, but ridicule and certainly little or no financial reward. As with any noble and true Spirit communication, the message is the important thing, its purpose is to bring wisdom, enlightenment and joy to both sides of life.

There is a very interesting aspect of trance working that can at times be both rewarding and distressing, not to mention nerve wracking. That is concerning the subject of rescues, this is applicable to trance and physical medium's and groups.

A rescue is when a person who has passed over is attracted to the sitting group or is brought to it by the Spirit workers. This person is one who does not realise that they "dead" or refuses to acknowledge the fact. This is due to many reasons, ranging from simply not knowing or accepting, religious pre conception, looking for a friend or loved one and those who refuse to give up their worldly goods.

As you can imagine this leads to many emotions being delivered through the entranced medium. In our own group we have experienced the cold, drowning man who was concerned for his daughter. Mr. Angry, who would not move on because he was frustrated at giving up his possessions and the delightful chap from Lymington who had been in a state of limbo since dying in hospital during 1959. He initially rejected our help because his local vicar had instilled in his congregation that our sort of group was the "work of the devil." Like all of the others he was eventually persuaded to move towards the light and then became aware of loved one's who were waiting to welcome him into the next stage of his existence. Most interestingly, this man returned a month later to thank us and to say that his vicar knew that he was wrong now!

It is an interesting observation that those in Spirit seem unable to directly assist those in need, those who require rescuing and can only influence them in much the same way as they can influence ours in the physical plain. That is by influencing our thoughts. We reject this and it would appear that they can as well.

This may seem a little difficult for us to understand as we will automatically assume that the demise of the physical form (body) has released that part of ourselves which is Spirit. What ever you choose to call it soul, etheric body et al, it would appear that the vibrational rate (as it is usually termed) is closer to that of the physical world. Therefore, they need the assistance of those in the physical world to achieve full transition at times. A clue to this as being fact may be found in the clarity of communications that is usually associated with these people. Invariably they are always clear and comprehensible and this can be very different to those who have made a full or complete transition. Another common factor is the shear joy and relief in the voice of the person speaking through the medium as he or she makes this final crossing. It is so moving and words alone cannot express the emotion in an adequate manner.

An example of one who doesn't realise he is dead is the case of the chap who died at a party. For some time after the householders suffered what can only be described as disruption in the house. Eventually, a medium was called into see if they could clear the presence. They went around the house and 'found' the chap sitting beside the fire and was able to communicate with him. He appeared stuck in the moment of the party and was complaining bitterly; "Its bloody great isn't it, they invite me to a party then every body ignores me!" The medium explained the situation to him and the situation was resolved.

The most difficult to deal with are those who are just plain angry or bitter because their frustration blinds them to the truth. On one occasion we have had one who was so angry and abusive that he was removed by the Spirit Team, who by our interaction seemed to be able to reach him. Either he was moved across to the light kicking and screaming as it were or he had to be given more time to reflect before being presented again and possibly, to another group. We are told that only the tiniest number are so dark, so negative, so bitter that their light becomes so small that they cease to exist.

This can be very hard work and is demanding of both medium and sitters who have to deal with those that come through by easing the fear, calming the anger, offering reassurance, providing help and bringing about a satisfactory conclusion to the episode. At times the group of sitters have to deal with the emotional residue that can affect the medium for a short timer after the event, although this should not last. At all times the sitters have to have firm control of the situation, be of sound mind, at times assertive and always in complete trust of the Spirit Team that they are working with.

If any of these criteria cannot be met, then the medium or the group should discourage this type of presence by firmly stating this in their opening affirmation or prayer. What this means is that the group is laying down a set of ground rules and setting out the parameters in which they are prepared to work.

Some groups know that they are to engage in this work and it is their duty to be of assistance. In these cases, you will probably find that they set aside specific evenings or times to undertake it so as not to effect the other aspects of their work, such as further development of the medium, demonstrations and healing.

As can be seen this is a most serious business and must only be engaged in by those who have had years of experience, never the inexperienced.



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