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Nathaniel on how far the unseen phenomena created in a group can reach.
"You know that the phenomena that you have achieved has touched other parts of your world, the parts where if it had not been for groups like yours - would have been at war. That is how far your phenomena reached... The phenomena is love."

Takota on doubt when working with Spirit
"You know the main block you have is your own doubt, for when you do not trust yourself, you do not trust Spirit."

Nathaniel on sending out thoughts for help in problem area's of the world.
"Do you not think that we try? But as I have said before this evening, there is such a thing as free will and no matter how hard we try to influence that free will, or the thought processes, there will always be one who wishes to go their own way. But of course we spread as much light and love and learning into as many corners of your world as we can..... The thought is the deed.... Of course we are aware of many situations on the physical plain within your world and we do all that we can to alleviate certain situations, but sometimes we need your thought as well. It can't all come from the world of Spirit you know, it has to start in the physical plain where the problems are."

Takota responding to a question about ectoplasm
"For you understand with phenomena there is production of ectoplasm - life force energy. Now the light destroys ectoplasm, this is why you sit in darkness. But this is only a problem in western world, not other continents. (Why?) Because, my dear child, although the western world sees itself as progressive, in fact it is backward when it comes to spirituality and things such as physical phenomena."

Nathaniel during his first conversation with us
"I was only supposed to pop in, but I have decided that I liked it so much that I would stay!"

Takota speaking on being able to be what we would term as being divisible.
"For Takota... Takota can be here, Takota can be with Little Star on her journey, Takota can be with the Inquisitive One in hospital. But for Takota it is all one in the same. But Takota does not expect you to understand, it is difficult to explain to you. For all is here and now, there is no yesterday or tomorrow or next week."

This was expanded upon during a discussion about time.
"Time as you know it does not exist. There is no yesterday, today or tomorrow. All is one and one is all, it can be yesterday, today or tomorrow as one may choose. Yet these moments are not three in number, but one. It is like the pages of a book, by turning the page forwards, you can visit the next chapter. Equally, you can turn it back and view what has been before. Yet you have not moved at all, you are still in the same place. The book has its past, present and future and yet it comes in one wrapping. Such is the true meaning of time."

Daniel - An occasional visitor regarding his observation of our group.
"It is not permitted to watch you in your daily lives. Only when you meet and I can observe and relay the information to my group... I am here to learn of love. It is a most interesting subject."

Daniel on his purpose for observing us.
"I But you display and you experience love. This my people do not understand, it appears to be a wonderful thing."

Takota speaking about passing on love in a practical sense.
"But this you each do when you smile at a stranger, when you hurt for another, when you touch the hand of a friend, you take that love, you pass it on into the world. You cast the stone which make ripple, which turn into tidal wave. This you do in your own way."

Takota on the wider power of love.
"The power of love is very powerful indeed. That is so; the power of love can change the world for the better. If you each have love in your heart and you willingly give love to your fellow man, then the power of that love can move mountains."

Takota speaking about development of our group in the early days.
"Tonight we try and explain what we do with this group. It is as our old saying: Earth bare, wind blow, seed fly, rain fall, flower grow, earth smile. Your group is as this... Now we wait for rain."

Takota speaking about the blending of energies.
"Is like bake cake, you take ingredients, you take that, you take another of that, you mix, you bake. Sometimes nice, sometimes bad."

Charmeen on working together.
"We work on our side as you work on your side. We work together in harness and in harmony, as we walk with one another our paths run parallel. At times they deviate at times they cross, at times they run side by side as you walk side by side in love and truth, in honesty and openness - in Spirit."

Takota during a discussion about extra terrestrial beings.
Why they say extra terrestrial? All is terrestrial being. (It) Is like big house, you understand, some beings live the basement, some live on the ground floor, some live on the first floor, some may live on the 90th floor. All are similar, yet each is different in his or her own right.... But this does not mean that those who live in the basement know less or more than those who live on the top floor."
On where Takota fits in this analogy.
"Takota not on any floor, is no floor, no wall, no ceiling. For Takota in Spirit.

Words given to Marlene by Nathaniel during a discussion of the USA/Iraq situation before the invasion.
"This is not only a time of change,
It is a time of choice.
A time of choice for mankind.
A time of decision.
Will you take up arms against your fellow man,
or will you hold out your arms and welcome him in?
Will you fight a war with passion and want for destruction,
or will you fight your wars with compassion and want for construction?
Construction of bridges to close the gulf that threatens to engulf you.
Would you shoot a dog for fear that it may bite you
only to find, as it lays bleeding, it has no teeth?
Why destroy another fellow man - so many fellow men?
For what hangs in the air?
Would you?
Only to find, perhaps, that all was simply 'hot air'?
This is a time of choice.
A time of decision.
YOU have the power within you to change the world.
The time is NOW."

During a recent discussion about the need to update the Lords Prayer, Nathaniel provided these words:

Great Creator
whose love encompasses all faiths,
grant us this day your protection from ourselves;
where there is greed, let us find generosity,
where there is hatred, let us find love,
where there is lust for power, let us find lust for life
and appreciation for all goodness.
Where there is darkness, let us find the light,
that we may live in the light,
and shine the light
that burns in us all.
Let the hand of friendship
be firmly held
across the nations,
that all may be united
so our World, once more will know peace.
As it was in the beginning.

These are just a few of the many words that we have set to record over the past four years. We feel privileged to be encompassed in the love of those who have become dear friends to us and in our own way, we wish to share a little of these things with you.



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