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The Angel Experience Live - Friday 15th October 2010
Marlene will be appearing with award winning author, Jacky Newcomb ('The Angel Lady'), Psychic and Aura Interpreter Kevin Doe and Medium Nataly Churchill.
What are angels? The world’s leading Angel Experts and Psychic Intuitives, as recommended by amazing TV Psychic and author of ‘Walking with Angels’ Tony Stockwell , will help you discover how we can all bring the true power of angels into our lives. They might just change your life!
Come and join us for a unique experience.
Ticket office 01322 220000

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A Helping Hand For Erin Fundraising Evening

What a generous bunch you are!

We had a fantastic evening at the Healing Light Spiritual Centre and thanks to all involved; a fantastic total of 1,300 was raised towards sending Erin Eves-Cairns, a three year old who is suffering from Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, for surgery in the USA. Erin’s Mum and Dad, Jenny and Brett were on hand to receive a large bucket of cash.
As always Marlene’s demonstration brought forward the most convincing evidence, leaving several in the audience awestruck with the information they had received. She also kept us entertained after the interval with one of her humorous songs about growing older. Thank you to Henfield Spiritual Centre for raising 250 of the total, all those who provided nearly 450 worth of raffle prizes, those who very dug deep into pockets and those who helped out on the evening.

UPDATE: An amazing total of 50,000 has been raised enabling Erin to have her operation on the 28th of September and at the time of writing she is recovering and receiving physiotherapy in St. Luis, USA. She is being taught to walk again without the aid of her frame and currently has two new sticks. To visit her blog and see the latest video’s of her progress go to



The Compassionate Friends
It is difficult to imagine the grief suffered by those who have lost a child, be it a baby that has not touched the earth or a young adult. Marlene is frequently contacted by those suffering this loss and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of her work, something that ‘takes the time it takes’. For a number of years Marlene has been in contact with members of The Compassionate Friends and refers many suffering the loss of a child to them for support as they are such a wonderful organisation.

TCF is a charitable organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents dedicated to the support and care of other bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents who have suffered the death of a child/children. Their Helpline is always answered by a bereaved parent who is there to listen when you need someone to talk to. She/he can also put you in touch with your nearest Local and/or Group Contact in the United Kingdom, provide you with information about our services and supply leaflets, and sample newsletters. The Helpline also offers support and information to those supporting bereaved families. It is open every day of the year 10.00 - 16.00 and 19.00 - 22.00 (GMT). Visit: Helpline 0845 1232304

Marlene has had a number of very successful trips to Norway this year to give demonstrations and workshops with fellow mediums Sue Smith and Darren Brittain. These have been very enthusiastically received by the audience and workshop participants in Bergen and Marlene has been delighted to have been involved with the inception of Spirit Event and would like to thank everyone involved, including students for making these engagements so rewarding as a medium and tutor. Particular interest has arisen in trance mediumship and the Norwegians eagerness to learn the many aspects of mediumship, so Marlene is looking forward to next years engagements. Language has not been a barrier and she has even been learning a little Norwegian with which to wow the audience. Ordering chicken with curry sauce is no longer a problem! For more information go to (if you google you are given an English translation option)

Closure of Centres
 This month we have to report the sad closure of two local centres at which Marlene has been a regular demonstrator. Both the Lighthouse Centre in Crawley and The Pathways Centre in Smallfield, Surrey are unable to continue, this is a great loss to the respective communities and we would like wish all those involved at both centres all the best for the future.

Demonstration in Dublin
Marlene had a very busy October, travelling first to Dublin with Darren Brittain where they ran a very successful workshop and also gave a demonstration for the SUI at their beautiful Sanctuary. During the workshop, students were able to explore their own psychic and mediumistic gifts. Each being individually encouraged to stretch themselves further and, Marlene says, "It was wonderful to see them blossom and grow in their confidence. I can't wait to go back there!"
The weekend was extremely popular and, after their demonstration they were overwhelmed by requests for private sittings. As a result, Marlene and Darren have been invited back to Dublin in January and September 2010. Dates yet to be confirmed.
For further details of the SUI and its work go to

Beautiful Bergen
Later in the month, Marlene travelled to Bergen, Norway with Sue Smith to give two demonstrations and was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful welcome they received. The two evenings passed quickly, the audiences on both nights sharing laughter and tears as evidence was given that their loved ones who had passed to Spirit were still close by. Marlene and Sue were inundated with requests for private sittings as well as workshops and further demonstrations and they will be returning to Bergen in February 2010 to give a demonstration, a weekend seminar and private sittings.
Quote Marlene: "I absolutely loved Bergen and its people! Everyone was so friendly and our hosts Geir and Gunnhild couldn't have made us more welcome. I feel I've made so many new friends in Bergen and hope to return for many years to come!"
For further details go to and also spirit events Bergen on Facebook.

Spiritualist Union of Ireland
An exciting new group which has recently formed in Ireland to bring Spiritualists and those of a spiritual mind together!

Chase Hospice for Children
In todays troubled world it is easy to become hardened to the plight of others, but Karen Willis of the Pathways Spiritual Centre at Smallfield in Surrey touched our hearts with her anecdotes about the children and families that are cared for at the Chase Hospice for Children. The spirit and devotion of some is both heart warming and humbling to hear.

Together with Karen, Paul Hart and Leigh Smith, Marlene had been invited to take part in a fund raising demonstration for this most worthy of children’s charities. Like many organisations that do such wonderful work for the community, they receive no Government funding and rely totally on donations and fund raising, so it was a pleasure to be invited to take part. And a pleasurable and rewarding evening it was.

As is the tradition with these things a raffle was held ,but thanks to the kind generosity of Tony Stockwell an additional raffle for the CD’s, signed books and workshop places that he and Stuart donated helped raise a fantastic total of 838 for the evening.

A big thank you to all who came along and provided their support (and money)!



Indian Summer in Leicestershire

Over the second weekend in October we were blessed with the most wonderful ‘Indian Summer’ for our trip to Leicestershire at the invitation of fellow medium Darren Brittain. Marlene was booked to jointly demonstrate with him on the Thursday evening and then holding a psychic development workshop on Saturday at the TSL Holistic Centre.

As we had a busy summer, it was really nice to be able to grab a few extra days away from home socialising and sight seeing. In regard to sight seeing, our most memorable experience was being able to watch a herd of Red Deer in such close proximity at Bradgate Park. We had never been before and Darren kindly acted as our guide for the day. The park is the most beautiful of settings and one that we would encourage anyone to visit, it extends to 840 acres and contains the ruins of Bradgate House which was the birthplace of Lady Jane Grey who is known as the “Nine Day Queen”

Darren is certainly one of the best mediums we have seen and he has a very large following in the Midlands area, so filling the hall at the John Storer Centre in Loughborough was no problem. When watching the two mediums working together it was interesting to reflect upon the contrast between them and I am sure this was not lost on the audience. Darren’s style is very ‘nuts and bolts’ with names and addresses being given in a very factual way along with other personal information, where as Marlene’s more ‘intimate’ with the character of the communicator being brought through together with relevant information. Both mediums are very accurate and evenly matched, yet their individual styles complimented each other wonderfully well.

As is the way with these things, a lovely audience helped the two or so hours flash past in what seemed no time at all, so a big thank you to all those who came along to the demonstration on Thursday evening and the psychic development workshop on Saturday. We have received some very nice and positive feedback from our time in Loughborough and Marlene looks forward to working in the area again next year.




A Fine Evening in Burgess Hill

We had a fantastic evening at the Martlets Hall in Burgess Hill where Marlene was appearing with Tony Stockwell and Sue Smith. A capacity audience of three hundred and fifty people filled the hall with an additional row of seats being added at the last moment by the staff.
Rebecca from Spirit Parlour was our very able compere for the night, providing very professional continuity between the mediums and numerous in depth links were established by all three mediums leaving the recipients with absolutely no doubt that their loved ones were truly coming forward to make themselves known. As is often the case, several of these links were of a deeply personal and particularly sensitive nature, each was dealt with in a caring and compassionate manner. Sadly 10 pm came around all too quickly and it would have been very easy to have given the audience another hour of communication. After the demonstrations the mediums talked to any of the audience who stayed behind to chat and Tony Stockwell's books proved very popular, with many queuing to have them personally signed and to have photographs taken with him.

Mavis Pittilla

Mavis Pittilla, one of Marlene's favourite tutors has launched her own web site at Mavis has worked in many countries and is one of the first to teach at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall when it first opened in the late 1960's and which is now her Spiritual home. She is so highly regarded that she runs 'master classes' for other working mediums and any who have attended one of her classes will testify how demanding they are and how precise the information they are expected to provide.
Marlene describes her as being “an amazing medium and tutor” and feels she is privileged to have taken part in so many of her classes.