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The forgotten language of music

Most of us are fortunate enough to be aware of music, it pervades our daily lives whether we like it or not, through radio, television, by our own choice and sometimes not. Its effects are well known to those who design supermarkets and shopping centres, the marketing men know that appropriate music will loosen the grip on your purse or wallet that would otherwise be tightly held in hand. 

We all have our own individual tastes when it comes to what we like in music and this is quite natural. In fact, as I sit here writing this piece I am listening to music through headphones. I find it very helpful when considering Spiritual matters and I am often inspired by different musical pieces. What we are feeling is the emotion the composer and performer have put into their work, we are able to pick this up in the performance or recording. Some even reach out and touch us, long after their physical form has turned to dust, through their music. It is the manner in which each individual piece has been put together that makes any musical composition work in a way that can touch our emotions. Take any musical score, break it down and all you are left with are its components, the notes. It will only gain meaning when assembled by the composer allowing it to lift and inspire the Spirit that dwells within each of us.

"Music is a language which needs no translation; it unites us all, having no regard to colour, race, age, gender or status." 

Consider how music can be used as a tool for helping us develop our Spiritual gifts. It is a universal language; it crosses all national and cultural boundaries. It has been described as the forgotten language of Spirit, it needs no translation, music unites us all, having no regard to colour, race, age, gender or status. The style may be different according to people's individual or cultural tastes, but there is always music and there probably always has been, in some form or other. Music can lift and inspire. It can relax and ease the busy or troubled mind. It can also help us to focus in meditation and reach altered states of consciousness. Many of us will have a certain piece of music that will help us reach this altered state, the one piece that sends us in some way, if so try and use this as a tool to assist your own development. 

What makes one piece work and another similar piece not? A very good question and the answer probably is that certain music is able to stimulate the brain wave patterns that are associated with psychic functioning. That is why one piece of music lifts one individual and yet leaves the next cold. Experiment with your favourite pieces of music and see how it works for you, headphones are especially helpful as they eliminate other background noises and allows you to lift the music away from your ears and into your head.
Along with others, we have found certain pieces of music work for us during healing or group visualisation exercises. Fields of Coral and Aquatic Dance from Vangelis’s Oceanic (Warner Music) soothes and relaxes the patient during a healing session, often the emotional release is so great that tears roll down cheeks. Even as easy listening, the whole album cannot fail to lift the soul on a miserable winters day. Tim Wheater and David Lord’s In Unity (MG Music) is wonderful for those moments of contemplation. And Shamanic Dream II by Anugama (Open Sky Music) is a powerful deep relaxation and trance album that is very popular in bringing forward altered states with its combination of melody and heart beat drumming. 


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