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Inspired Writing

Many who choose to pursue their psychic gifts find that the direction of their development changes from time to time as they progress. They feel 'drawn' to such and such activity or inspired to try something new.

Like psychic art, inspired or inspirational writing is a stage that many people go through. For some it is always with them, for others it is just passing phase that diminishes as a new area is explored. The most interesting thing about inspired writing is that what ends up on the paper or screen can often be beyond the knowledge or skill of the practitioner and demonstrates quite clearly that another hand is actually guiding the pen or keyboard.

Marlene has always been very literate; she has excellent skills in writing, spelling and grammar. From a very young age she has written poems and stories, a few of which have been published in local papers and publications in years past. Knowing of her skill, people would ask her to compose a rhyme or ode for this and that occasion. Birthdays, weddings, after dinner speeches, you name it. In fact much to the cost of a rival estate agent, when he had to deliver a speech that he had asked Marlene to write for him at a grand diner of chartered surveyors. Delivering the line "And the presence of pheasant was pleasant." to a room full of his peers, after a good meal and numerous drinks, left him red faced and spluttering, much to the amusement of those gathered.

In later years, Marlene's writing took on a more serious tone at times. (Although this did not prevent to odd ode!) Looking back the influence of her communicators could be seen inspiring her, even before she was aware of them herself. In later years, she would speak to them in her mind and write out the response. At times the result is very fast and unlike her usual hand writing style, often she will not know what has been set down on the page until she reads it back herself.

Inspired writing is a fascinating area of psychic work and can produce some very interesting results. It is also something that can be practised alone, during a quiet moment. However, it does come with a warning. And that is: do not to allow it to be come obsessive and all consuming.

We personally know of a lady who was sitting in a development group and was very taken with inspired writing. She found that she could do it and that it was producing results. Inspired she carried on and was engaging in practice at home, this spilled over into her time at work and led to problems with her employer. She become obsessively driven to write, whilst under the influence of a spirit communicator and this was having a detrimental effect on her life. This is obviously very undesirable and could have possible led to even more serious effects if allowed to continue. Eventually she was helped to stop writing by her teachers and regained control of her life. What caused this is unknown; it could have been her own ego, or weakness and inability to say no. It could also have been an over eagerness of her spirit workers, in that they could not differentiate between periods of work and psychic functioning. We don't know if she commenced with an opening affirmation or not, but it would certainly be appropriate to do so. This would send out a thought message to those who wish to inspire the practitioner that they are ready to work, in what way and for how long. This is very simple, good practice that should not be ignored.

In December 1997, Marlene wrote this about her writing and stage of development:

I sit within my silence and, although no words are spoken, I know the communication is there; that a higher level of intelligence is reaching out and imparting knowledge to that part of my consciousness which knows no boundaries. This subtle interchange now taking place has no need for understanding for the knowing comes with the knowledge - it is a natural process that requires no explanation, it is as simple as the act of breathing in the necessary life force which sustains us all as we exist in our mortal life form. It is essential to our progression into spiritual awareness.
I now know many things I never knew before. I speak of things of which I had no former knowledge and, yet, it seems I knew these things before. The knowing comes with the knowledge - without it the knowledge would be worthless, as useless as an empty sea.
One day this knowledge I will have to share. The time is not yet right, but soon the knowledge locked away within the ante-chamber of my consciousness will be unleashed and I will know it is then that I can share it with the world. I will know the time is right for the knowing comes with the knowledge and it will be soon, very soon, that the peoples of the world will also "know".

Marlene - 28.12.97.
The time is still "not yet right", but this web site is part of that fulfilment.

A few examples of Marlene's writing:

I could not see His face within the darkness.
I could not hear His voice, nor sense His might,
But I could feel His love wrapped tightly round me
and 'twas that which brought me out into the Light.

Marlene 28.12.97.

"When you give a smile away, you will always receive a brighter one to take its place."


Let your feet run with the deer,
let your heart fly with the eagle,
let your mind wander across the plains of the earth,
across the rivers and the seas,
reach out to the sun, the moon, the stars,
be as one with the spirit of the universe
and you, my friend, will have found freedom.


When we learn to accept that which we have been given;
the kiss of the sun; the touch of the rain; the breath of the wind: when we learn to appreciate the scent of a flower; the babble of a brook; the majesty of the trees:
when we learn to be grateful for the sky above our heads and for the earth beneath our feet, only then can we understand the true meaning of wealth.



Peace be with you all this day.
Remember this -
no matter what news reaches your ears.
Whether there be sadness.
Whether there be hostility.
Whether there be pain.
There will always be understanding.
Understanding and acknowledgement.
Understanding and acknowledgement and acceptance
that you are the chosen ones.
That you are the knowing ones.
That you are the Bringers of the Light.
Here to spread that light out into your World.
Like a beacon.
Drawing those to you who need your help.
Drawing those to you who need your love.
Drawing those to you who need to see the light;
who have turned away from the light;
who have walked in darkness and found they cannot survive
without the light.
Be strong my friends.
Know that not all those who seek you will be,
in your eyes, worthy of help.
Know there will be those who have caused pain and fear.
Know there will be those who have inflicted cruel and barbaric atrocities
on their fellow men.
Yet know, despite all this,
they are as worthy as the next.
They are as needy as the next.
More so, in some instances,
as their need for healing and understanding, acknowledgement and love
is even greater.
You, my friends,
you are the helpers and the healers
and it is to you that these people will turn when all else is lost.
For if they have not found the darkness;
if they have not walked in the darkness;
if they have not lived in the darkness
how will they recognise the Light?
Through you, my friends.
Through you and through those like you.
The Light Bringers.

(written whilst in an altered state this piece of writing has an unusual signature at the end of it!)

Blessed are we who know
that there is more to life than this.
Blessed to know that life goes on
That death does not exist.
Blessed are we who know
That when we leave our mortal form
We still can tend our loved ones
and our love can keep them warm
and we can find new ways to show
our love is always there;
a kiss at night; a flickering light
to show how much we care.
Blessed we'll be to watch and wait,
free from earthly harms.
We'll meet our loved ones at the gate
and hold them in our arms.
Blessed are we to know - for sure
we, ever more, will be
in love and light and harmony.
Truly blessed are we.

Marlene 29.3.04

Do not despair - remember
we are here - we always are!
You see us in the smallest raindrop,
in each and every shining star.
You smell us in the scented flowers;
the fresh, clean, green-ness of the trees;
the wind, the snow, the earthy soil;
the salty ever-changing seas.
You feel us in the glow of friendship.
The warm, soft trickling of the sand.
A child's embrace, a gentle kiss.
A father's touch, and mother's hand.
You sense us in the atmosphere
when you're awake and when you're sleeping.
You sense our closeness all around you
when you laugh and when you're weeping.
You know that we will never hurt you.
Know that we are always here.
Know we never will desert you.
Know that we are always near.
We are everything around you.
Earth below and sky above.
You were lost, but we have found you.
We are Spirit.
We are Love.

Marlene 8-11-04

I dislike you
because in you I see
the darker side of me.
he part that wants to shine;
wants the attention to be mine.
That is what I see.

I dislike you
because I recognise
the look that's in your eyes.
The look that says, "It's not fair!
Nobody ever seems to care!"
That is what I recognise.

I dislike you
because the world can see
the you that's also me.
One dark, one light - and yet
I never should forget
that darkness only shows itself
in honesty.
Truth and honesty.
That is what I see
in the you that's also me.

Marlene 8-9-03

You are free to do the things you want to do,
for no one else controls your mind but you.
Your mind can travel any distance, so
let it fly to where you'd like to go!
Enjoy the sights and sounds and smells and when
you're ready
bring your mind back home again.
When others words are thoughtless and unkind
remember, only you control your mind
and can decide to let the words cut deep,
to shrug, to smile, to laugh - why should you weep?
You have the Power, the Power of the Mind.
Remember this, my dears, and you will find
you're free to do the things you want to do,
for no one else controls your mind, but you!

Marlene 8-9-03

My dear ones.
You who spread light within your world.
Do not despair for the darkness which overtakes you.
Your people of the world know of its worries and its negativity.
They think of it in their heads. But you, you the enlightened ones
know in mind, body and spirit and because of this we know you are deeply affected.
Do not despair, for the world will see the light again and the world shall be one again, but for now, in your own small corner, spread your light like a virus across the earth. To heal and to bring about the Divine essence of love.
The world will live in harmony.

Takota 29-4-02

The hands are worn but the heart is warm
and has known such love in so many ways!
The eyes don't see as they used to see
and yet, in each one, so many memories!
The mind can't always think so quickly
for when it 'fogs' the mist comes thickly,
But oh! What wealth of experience!
How to walk, to run, to dance!
How to play, to laugh, to share.
How to love and how to care.
How to see through another's eye.
How to grieve and how to cry.
How to learn and how to teach
to stretch for target's out of reach.
How to take and how to give
and, most important, how to LIVE!
The hands are worn but the heart is warm
and, hidden in this aged form,
frail in body, frail in health
but strong of mind, there is a wealth
of knowledge, of that there's no doubt..
The sort that you all dream about!
You'll share it too, one day, you'll see.
But not till you're as old as she!

Marlene 7-4-03.

Go to the land where the dolphins dream.
Circle and dive in the sea.
Soar in the sky on an angel's wing,
joyful and peaceful and free.
Ride on the wind, on the sweet, pure air
and float on the scent of the flowers.
Glow with the sun on a hot summer's day
and splash in the glistening showers.
Shine with the stars and the moon at night
In the velvety heavens above
Then just be YOU and know the delight
of being surrounded with love.

In times of trouble
be assured
love surrounds you.
If not the love of your fellow man,
love surrounds you.
Love surrounds you.
For the world of spirit surrounds you always.
Do not doubt.
Love surrounds you.
You breathe in air - do you not?
Yet you do not see it
and you know it is there.
You may not see love
but know it is there.
Breathe in love.
Breathe out love
for the world to share.
Love surrounds you.
Love is there.

The man in the street had no shoes on his feet
and his trousers were well-worn and thin,
but the rain didn't care as it ran through his hair
and his t-shirt was stuck to his skin.
The street lamp shone gold as the bitterly cold
winds called with their sighs and their moans,
and the man in the street with no shoes on his feet
felt it blew right through his bones.
Not a penny had he for a hot cup of tea,
a warm meal or a bed for the night,
and people rushed by, never casting an eye
at the cold, wet, bedraggled sad sight.
That night the snow fell and he heard the church bell
proclaiming that Christmas had come,
and he wanted to go to the church through the snow,
but his feet and his body were numb.
Then came a bright light that cut through the night
and he wondered just what it could be
when, with barely a sound, warm wings wrapped around
and a gentle voice said, "Come with me."
Upwards they flew through the sky's morning blue
over mountains and seas tipped with foam,
and he looked at his form; safe, loved and warm,
and he smiled for he knew he was home.

Marlene 22-11-04

What is mortality but an address?

When all else fails, my friends, do not distress

yourselves with thoughts of death and dying,

what are they

but an opportunity for you to move away

back to the Source, the place from whence you came

where you are known by Light and not by name

and where your light is brighter and you'll find

pain and grief are gone and life is kind

and you will see your loved ones, nonetheless.

What is mortality but an address?

From Spirit 14-6-04



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