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Unexpected Audience at Hastings

In early May Marlene demonstrated in Hastings with fellow Medium Mike Kingscote, although she has known Mike for quite some time now, this was the first time that they had worked together. Unusually the demonstration was held on a Sunday evening at the High Beech Hotel which sits high to the north of the town and overlooks beautiful tree lined valley. At one time the hotel was a very elegant Edwardian country house and it would be very easy to imagine the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle striding around the ground in contemplation of a new plot for his great creation to resolve. Rather sadly, the house now finds itself largely surrounded by housing estates. However it does benefit from a large function room, which is where the demonstration was held. And what an audience, at least three times more people than we expected!

We could not believe how many enthusiastic people had turned out on such a lovely sunny, warm evening when many would normally spend time with their families. Mike and Marlene worked with the audience alternatively which allowed their different styles of working to be clearly demonstrated. Marlene made as many links with the Spirit World as she could during the time available and provided a great deal of personal information to the recipients of the message from those in Spirit including some remarkably precise dates and names

Mike and Marlene were extremely pleased with how the evening went and how the humour bounced between them. A lovely audience helped the two or so hours flash past in what seemed no time at all, so a big thank you to all those who came along. Apparently the feed back has been so positive that another date is being planned for the future at this charming venue.