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Spirit Guides

Some of the most common questions asked regarding the world of Spirit concern guides. What is a Guide? Do I have a guide? Why doesn't my guide speak to me? So on and so forth.

In our supposedly developed western society we have lost much of the security of close family and community. To many, the thought of having someone looking out for them is terribly comforting and we all know how easy it is to feel alone, even when surrounded by the population of a large city. Therefore, it is quite natural that so many would seek an understanding of Guides.

We are fortunate indeed to have been able to talk directly to those in Spirit who wish to inspire and motivate us, so we hope the following will be of help to you.

Spirit guides can come in many forms and mean different things to different people; many may even refer to them as being Angels. The term guide is perhaps a misleading one, although it is the most common description used, because the expression implies that you will be taken by the hand and led. It is not the purpose of the guide to do this and it can lead to dependence or guide worship, which is neither healthy or a good thing.

Problems can also arise when some choose to improve their social standing by using their guide to impress or influence others for personal or monetary gain. Another unfortunate aspect of this spiritual one up man ship is seen when the Psychic or Medium say's that they only work with the most evolved Spirits or Angels. This is egotistical nonsense, do not be impressed or taken in by it, in both cases the practitioner has lost sight of what is important. Spirit influences have no desire to impress, prove or be tested.

It would be far better to think of these influences as a friend or companion. If true Spirit contact is established, the influences will always be of good intent, they usually have a strong personality, will be kindly, patient and display advanced wisdom with particularly clear thinking. A good sense of humour is often evident as well. They are just like us, but a bit further down the road of progression. View it as a partnership; we are all linked with Spirit. Those who have chosen to develop the communion are likely to be more attuned then those who have not. If you like, think of this as working for the same company, but at different branches.

Most Guides will have had a physical existence in this world, others may not. Whatever their previous circumstance, the purpose will always be the same, that of positive influence, providing thought communication and cultivating Spiritual values. They will offer protection and guidance within their limitations and at times warn us of danger if appropriate.

However, this should never be tested just to see what happens, it is both disrespectful and dangerous.

It must be recognised that some will never know their guides and it is folly to become obsessed with trying to identify them if they do not wish to be known to you. It is not always necessary to have an intimate relationship with them. If you become familiar with their presence, acknowledge them, in time they may reveal themselves to you.

The Door Keeper
Others will be aware of more than one guide. Some may say that you have only one guide throughout the entirety of your life. This is not true, although a principle guide or "Doorkeeper" for want of a better expression, is usually present. Their role is, as the term implies, to marshal those who wish to communicate through the medium by whatever means. They will also protect them from those who are of negative influence.

When we consider those who have passed and who are acquainted to us either by family, friendship or some common interest, they will number hundreds or even thousands. Not all will have any desire to make themselves known or even be able to, but the potential number is very significant. Now contrast this with the number of people (mediums) who are sensitive to influence and are willing and able to do something about it. A tiny, tiny percentage of the total population indeed. As you can see some sort of controlling influence is needed to prevent things from becoming a meaningless free for all that would that would overwhelm the medium. This is the Door Keeper.

Principle Communicators
There may be one guide who is a main communicator and this is usually the case in Trance and Physical Mediumship. This influence is likely to be the one that the medium is most attuned to and this may be because of a common interest, such as art or music. A case of like attracting like and they are allocated to the medium because of their communication skills. Others may also work with medium during specific tasks such as healing and they may be able to draw upon specialist knowledge to assist with this work.

If you are lucky enough to develop a close relationship with your influence, a great bond of trust will develop; love of course, is always present. They are unlikely to communicate though another medium although they may visit others, such as another member of a circle or those connected to them. If a circle is sitting to develop just one member, the guide or communicator may wish to be of influence to others in the circle for the benefit of the whole group. In a situation such as this the whole group is likely to be embraced by the same bond of love and trust as the medium.

It is incorrect to try and dig to deeply into the past of an influence and often it is not possible to check historical accuracy unless they are willing for you to do this. The name that they use may be a pseudonym to disguise their identity to prevent you from becoming more focused on the importance of the communicator rather than the important thing, the message.

Why are guides always American Indian?
Include in this Chinese, Tibetans, Egyptians, African Warriors and those who are famous etc. Many are, but this is not always the case, some are very normal people and are representative of the diversity that we see in the physical world. In the case of native people's it is said that they choose to be of influence (Guides) because they lived in a manner that was closely attuned to the earth herself and therefore, had a greater awareness of Spirit when they walked upon the land. A common line is that they all seem to possess powerful personalities. We know that the act of communication to our realm requires great effort at times, so being of strong character and will may be an aspect of making this a successful exercise.

It used to concern us that a great many guides seemed to be Native American and one day I asked a communicator about this. He replied that this was because during the dark ages of our world, which still exist, they held to the principles and teachings of the Spirit World and respected the world in which they lived. He also stated that they were not always who they appeared to be, in that the actual Red Cloud or whoever, may have progressed leaving the shell or persona of himself to be adopted by other persons who come after them, the new person taking on the mantle of Red Cloud. Guides will sometimes admit to adopting other persona's if it is expedient to do so for some reason. The guide is likely to be the spokesperson for a larger group of people who work together in unity to bring information and be of influence. This has been explained as being like part of a collective consciousness, but still retaining an individual identity.

We should also bear in mind that Guides could be Archetypes that are presented to us because they are and acceptable to the medium and the culture of that moment. (We will ignore in these statements, those medium's that are, at best deluded and at worst fraudulent and bring forth characters such as Napoleon Bonaparte who speaks not French etc.)

It can be baffling and confusing to us and at the end of the day no one really knows the answer to any of this until they pass over themselves. It is far better to accept Guides with good grace and concentrate on what they say because it will be worth listening.

As we have looked at the nature of guides, it is worth discussing another aspect that can be mistaken for them and that is attachment. The two are quite different.

An attachment is a Spirit incarnation that is attached to your own Spirit self, for a part, or the whole, of your life. This is so that they can experience in some way, aspects of what it is like to live in the physical world. This may be because they have never been incarnate or their own life was cut short and it is important for them to have experience through you for some reason. They are there to learn rather than teach, although they may be of help at times. Attachments are not as Spiritually evolved as guides and should not be intrusive.

Unfortunately, what is known as "negative attachment" can occur and this is undesirable as it can lead to disruption of ones life, particularly so in those who are mentally weak or debilitated. If you have a little voice telling you to do harmful or destructive things, then clearly, this is wrong and should be immediately addressed and help sought. It is not common, but one must have an awareness of these things to form a balanced overview.

Marlene and I may have had personal experience of this when our middle daughter was quite young. She awoke from sleep screaming and was distressed and confused. Marlene tried to console her but the child fought, her screaming "No mummy, no mummy don't!" Don't put my hands in the fire!" Again my wife tried to reassure her, "It's me. Mummy. Darling you know I would never put your hands in the fire." The child continued to scream, holding our her hands in front of her and crying, "Look what you've done! They're all black!"
My wife shook her gently by the shoulders and said firmly, "Look. It's me. I love you and you know I would never hurt you." Our daughter, now calmer said, "Not you Mummy, my other mummy, the one that pushed me down the stairs and then I came to live with you." She then turned over and went back to sleep. At the time of writing she is fourteen and remembers nothing of this. Interestingly she is the most intuitive of our three daughters.

Naturally, we found this both distressing and thought provoking. Some may simply put this down to a bad dream, but it was more than that. Apart from anything else we did not have an open fire, therefore she had no experience of such things at that age.

Others may see it as evidence for reincarnation. Initially, the verbal evidence seems to point to this as fact. However, another possibility is past life experience and this is the most likely explanation. It is a real experience, but not one of our daughters. It is one that was endured by a poor child that is, or was, an attachment to our own dear daughter. The purpose being to enable the unfortunate child, whose life was taken, to experience a loving environment through our own daughter, in an environment she was never able to experience first hand.



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