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Paranormal Tours - Fort Brockhurst
Marlene has just returned from her second investigation as Medium for Paranormal Tours. Fort Brockhurst at Gosport in Hampshire was the location and one that was not revealed to her until she arrived for the investigation. However, this did not stop her from picking up numerous bits of information in the days leading up the vigil including, brick / stone, castle, folly and Brockenhurst. All very close.
Fort Brockhurst is one of the 'Palmerston Follys', the line of Forts and other defences built in the 1850's to defend Portsmouth Harbour from the French and is one of five that were constructed, but never saw action at the time.
Now the fort is run and renovated by English Heritage and is the archaeological conservation centre for all the EH sites in the country, so we had to be careful not to tread on the reconstructed burnished ware and samian bowls in the Aviation (Conservation) Room!. Fort Brockhurst is also used as a venue for music and outside events, such as crafts and car shows. More information on such attractions can be found on the English Heritage site
As to be expected the Fort is a large, interesting site and we were allowed access to several parts of it that would not normally be open to the public. Whilst the team from Paranormal Tours were setting up, Marlene wandered around in a period of "quiet time" in which to link in and note down her feelings and impressions before most of the guests arrived. One of the names she picked up was Lord Palmerston himself!
Nick, the Paranormal Tours team leader welcomed everybody to the vigil, before handing over to Marlene for the psychic workshop which kept everybody entertained (and working) for the next hour or so.
Martin, Paranormal Tours technical expert introduced the guests to the equipment to be used for the night and issued it to the groups, which had been split into five investigative teams. After the introduction the whole party went on The Ghost Walk, a lit tour of the areas to be investigated led by Marlene, who gave her own impressions and invited guests to add their feelings about the area that they found themselves in and as the tour progressed, several budding mediums began to reveal themselves. Many felt uneasy in the Tunnels and Marlene picked up several interesting feelings and pieces of information that was confirmed by the English Heritage representative.
Welcome refreshments were served as darkness fell and the investigations began with each group setting out to different locations in the night accompanied by Marlene or a member of the Paranormal Tours team.

Cell three, in the Keep, provided excitement when Marlene appeared to stir up the presence that had been reported on previous investigations. It is also interesting to note that this in the same area that the team were carrying out electronic voice phenomena (EVP) experiments (in the shop) with a radio tuned "off station" to white noise. The radio changed settings for no apparent reason several times along with the motion sensor being activated that had been set up to protect the experimental location.
The Stables gave the group that Marlene was with a taste of activity in particular, a rush of cold air from the closed end, an extremely loud BANG on a flat cart and one of the ladies being pushed in the small of her back when she asked for 'Davy' (the little man she was made aware of) to give them further evidence that he was still present. Footsteps were heard outside but every time someone went to look, of course, there was no one there. The footsteps sounded like someone walking on an uneven, possibly cobbled path, and could not be reproduced by later experimentation. Firm evidence that people from the past still walk there? This is also an area that spirit lights and activity has been reported in the past.
During the vigil in the Aviation Room a pleasant spirit made themselves known to Marlene and she allowed them to come through and speak directly to the group whilst in trance. The communicator spoke for several minutes and introduced himself as James Henry Hobden, known to his friends as "Jack". It would appear that he worked at the Fort and passed away during 1934 as a result of "the shakes" which he later confirmed as Parkinson's Disease. Jack stated that this later period of his life was not a happy time for him and that he liked to let people know he was still around by moved things around and that he could be heard shuffling along at times. Hopefully this information can be confirmed after the Paranormal Tours team have analyzed the recording. It is interesting to note that he was aware of us being "in his future".
The night drew to a close at around 5.00am with the rising of the sun and we all returned to the reception room for the de-briefing. So another very interesting investigation with Paranormal Tours.
The full tour programme and investigation results can be found at or by telephoning: 0871-2884026  

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