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Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to our FAQ page!
If you have a question you would like to submit, please email marlene* (replacing the * with an @) and putting “Question” as the subject heading.
Both Marlene and David (her husband) will be dealing with these and, whilst David is not a practising medium, he has a vast understanding of mediumistic and psychic topics.
We will endeavour to answer as many relevant questions as we can but please bear with us if the reply is not immediate.

Q: Why don’t you do email readings any more?
Marlene: The main reason is lack of time because my average day is filled with private sittings, circles, workshops and demonstrations - I also have my family to consider and, of course, the housework doesn‘t do itself!  An email reading takes a great deal of time because I don’t have the recipient sitting here with me and it, therefore, takes longer to make a connection.  Email readings are usually more on a psychic level, although there have been times when a mediumistic link has also been made.
I have,  on rare occasions, given readings via email or phone when the recipient is in another part of the world and/or unable to get to me.  However, I usually know as soon as I open certain emails, or answer a particular phone call, that the person  requesting help is truly in need of it and is not seeking my advice as to whether they  should get their hair cut/change their job/boyfriend, move house etc.
Incidentally, I would never give advice or make decisions for anyone as that is down to their own personal responsibility.

Q: I’ve been to loads of psychics but they never give me any news of my family who have died. Why is this or are they fraudulent?
Marlene: A psychic is someone who works on an intuitive level, linking with the living.
 Psychics may use tarot cards, runes, crystals/crystal balls, pendulums or other tools in order to help them focus on the physical  influences surrounding the sitter at that particular time. It is often a misconception that all psychics can link with those who have passed to the Spirit World. Some can, some can’t but it would be wise to ask before you book another sitting. Better still, find yourself a reputable medium or one that has been recommended by someone who can vouch for their integrity and  accuracy.

Q: Do you believe in God? 
Marlene: I was brought up in a Christian family, attended Sunday School and Church in my teens, yet, I never saw God as a man with a flowing white beard as he is so often depicted.  I sensed ‘him’ as more of a bright,  loving  energy that surrounded me when I said my prayers. I found this very comforting when I was young because it made me feel safe and protected (especially  when I was seeing Spirit people no one else could see and having other mediumistic experiences I couldn‘t understand) 
I still sense the same energy around me now and have come to accept that this is my interpretation of ‘God’.
However, I would never be so arrogant as to think my way is the right way or that my ‘God’ is the right God.  I believe we must all find our own way, our own God and our own path to truth.

Q: Why do psychics and mediums charge for readings? Surely they should do it for free? Won’t their gift be taken away if they charge?
Marlene: Goodness! Three questions in one but, hopefully, I can answer them all in one!
Most of the psychics and mediums that I know personally, have given up their day jobs and have dedicated their lives to helping others. However, they still have mouths to feed, mortgages to pay and so on, so the majority make a charge or ask for donations.  I have never heard of a mediums ‘gift’ being taken away from them.  Of course, it would be prudent to ask before you make a booking!
Q: I feel very distressed as I recently had to have my pet put to sleep.
We all suffer the feeling of loss and bereavement in these situations which is quite normal especially if we have, for whatever reason, found it necessary to bring that creatures physical existence to an end.  However, we must consider several things in this situation.  In taking on a pet, we assume responsibility for its well being and as caring owners we provide food, shelter and love, in the case of domestic animals this care is reciprocated by their love and devotion to us, they wish to be with us rather than those of their own kind.  It is reasonable to assume that the animal will have a good, long life.  Often this life will be extended greatly beyond that which the natural order would allow.  Therefore our responsibility must extend to that time when their physical form fails and we must act to end their suffering. In fact it is cruel of us to extend that life to a point where we are only serving our own emotional need rather than considering our faithful friends. It is the greatest act of selflessness that we can perform.
Q: I sometimes feels as if my deceased pet is around me.
This is very common and many can overwhelmingly sense the presence of a lost domestic pet. This can be a familiar brushing against the leg or a similar experience to one which Marlene had shortly after one of our beloved cats passed to the Spirit World.
In Marlene’s words: “I was lying in bed one morning, knowing our lovely boy was fine and no longer suffering, but missing him, nonetheless, when I felt one of our cats (we still had four!) jump up onto the bed. They usually come up and purr in my face so I reached out my hand to stroke whichever cat it was. As I did so I felt my hand pass through an enormous amount of Spirit energy. I opened my eyes and saw dents in the duvet which looked as if a cat had walked across it. Whilst I couldn’t,  at that moment, see our boy, I knew that the energy I’d felt was his, that he had heard my thoughts and had come to reassure me that all was well. This was the first of many instances when other cats have ’come back’ to visit and I have had other, similar experiences. Some I have seen, some not but they have all responded to thoughts of them, which is not surprising, after all, all communication starts in the mind!”
Q: Will my pet be there to meet me when I pass?
Almost certainly when a mutual bond of love, affection and trust has built up they will gravitate to human, rather than their own kind.  Many times during a sitting or demonstration a medium will refer to a certain animal that they are aware of with the person that they are linking to.  At times it is not their pet, but one the person receiving the message has lost. A personal experience we can recall is one that occurred during a physical circle when the sound of snuffling came from the area of the medium. Astonishingly, an absolute dog like sound came forward for the lady in whose basement we were sitting leaving her absolutely convinced that it was the dog that had to be put to sleep some months before as it responded to her voice and intonation.  Most interestingly the daughter of this particular dog, who was asleep in its basket directly above us in the kitchen, became very excited during this period and yet calmed down immediately afterwards.
Q: I really don’t like spiders and other creepy crawlies, will I find them in Spirit?
As with all living creatures their existence serves a purpose  both on this side of life and that to come.  We are told that we will encounter them in the Spirit realm, but their appearance will be quite unlike that which we are familiar.  Therefore we must assume that in passing we will loose those often irrational fears of certain creatures.
Q: I have lost a loved one and feel distressed, should I consult a medium.  And / Or. I feel that seeing a medium would be comforting after my recent loss, how long should I leave it before seeing one?
Only if you feel that you are absolutely ready to do so.  It can be very emotional at times and the experience may not be suitable or appropriate for everyone. Equally, some find a consultation completely comforting and rewarding.  Many remark that in some way the experience has enabled them to move on in their own lives in some way, possibly by some form of closure if that is what is required.  Marlene has file boxes full of letters and e-mails from people who have found this to be the case.
 We can never forget those who have passed. But our concerns may be alleviated if a medium can provide evidence that their loved one has survived.  It is the sole job of the medium to give proof of survival, that evidence is only required to be meaningful to the person requesting it and no other. 
Q:  How often should I consult a psychic or a medium?
Only when you feel it is absolutely necessary.  It is not their job to provide a crutch for ones life, we all have personal responsibility and free will with which to make our own decisions.  A consultation may help you look at things from a different perspective or provide further insight to a given situation, perhaps even to look at areas or issues that you cannot see because the proverbial “trees” are in the way.  Equally, it may cause us to look at issues we do not want to face up to.  Sadly we seem to live in a age where the concept of personal responsibility is lost to many.  Some seem to continually seek to blame or hold others responsible for their own decisions, carelessness or shortcomings.
Q:  I am concerned that my loved one is okay on the other side as they suffered greatly through illness before eventually passing.
David:  For those who need time to recover, we are told their needs are attended to by those in Spirit who choose to do this healing work.  To use the expression of time is not completely correct as we are governed by the rising and setting of the sun which is not the same as Spirit. From our perspective, this period might last just one moment to any number of years, but all who need help (and for what ever reason) are provided for.
Q:  My loved one, who is near to death, keeps talking about my other deceased relative/persons. 
      (Also may include 'I am worried that their mind has gone.')

David:  We have had personal experience of this ourselves, it is  very common and many seem to have an awareness that their relatives or friends who have gone before them, draw close during their last days or weeks to prepare the way for the dying persons transition.  It seems quite possible that their minds are actually more closely aligned to that of Spirit than the physical realm at this point. 
Q: My loved one came through during a sitting, yet their description is not how I remember it?
Those who draw close at these times seem to take on the physical appearance of a time that they were most content or happy and this appearance may be one that we are not personally familiar with.  There is choice, after all would we choose to come back in a manner, perhaps very old age, where it reminds us of a point in our lives that we might have suffered in some way?  Marlene notes with some amusement that it is often the men who come back younger!

Q:  Is there reincarnation?
This must be one of the most common questions that people ask and the most difficult to give a complete answer.  As a well known Spirit communicator would exclaim with some weariness; “Oh my favourite question.”
 As we know reincarnation is a founding pillar in some religions and the evidence for it is compelling.  Many people have a strong belief, religious or otherwise, that they have indeed lived a previous life or even many lives before and under certain conditions they seem to bring forward all manner of apparent memories from those lives.
 What is really confusing is that many Spirit communicators that you may have the opportunity to speak to through trance and physical mediums give differing views both for and against reincarnation.  What is doubly surprising is that at times this does not concur with the beliefs of the medium themselves!  In its own way this is reassuring because at least it demonstrates that the mind of the medium is not influencing the communication.
 It is possible that this conflict of opinion by Spirit communicators may result from their own limited level of understanding at that point at which they find themselves.  Some will not completely dismiss it and say that although they have no experience of it themselves, they do not rule it out under exceptional circumstances where it serves a particular purpose.  Some say that in their experience that they have not found any evidence for reincarnation.  Others clear in their opinion that there is reincarnation.  All this is not overly helpful to the questioner!
 An argument against reincarnation is that of progression.  Assuming, as is suggested, that during our existence we are on a journey drawing ever  nearer to that source of perfection and creation that many will refer to as God, then is it logical to be continually sent back to a realm of physical existence to learn the same lessons over and over again?  Past memories can also be explained in many cases by spiritual attachment, spirit entities that you may have with you so they may experience aspects of worldly existence that they were unable to do when they were in the physical body. They are not harmful or intrusive in any way, but under certain conditions you are able to access their memories which can appear as your own.  Another theory is that when you are recalling such memories of past life, you are actually linking in what many refer to as collective consciousness or the universal over mind.
 People can have very strong, emotive opinions regarding this subject and in the end we all have the luxury of freedom of choice, as such we must be guided by our own experiences and beliefs when it comes to reincarnation.
Q:  I lost my partner some time ago and have since found new love, I believe in the continuity of life and am worried my new relationship will cause a conflict when I eventually pass.
We are told that this is absolutely not the case.  Life on the other side is greatly more enlightened and not driven by the jealousies and negative emotions that afflict our own world.

Q:  I keep getting smells around the house that remind me of a loved one, is this possible or am I imagining it?
No, it is quite common that when a loved one draws close they bring forth a familiar smell as a means of drawing attention to themselves in a way that is not alarming, in fact just the reverse, it can be very comforting.
 Transient odours are also common at allegedly haunted location and can be quite overwhelming, usually no explanation or source can be found and they dissipate as quickly as they arrive.  Personally we have experienced a strong smell of fish at the foot of some stone steps within a castle, during a paranormal investigation, that had no obvious cause.