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The Bottom Drawer

Most people have stuff that they don't know what to do with, things that they don't want to throw out because they might have value at some point in the future. I am sure we all have that bottom draw in our lives where we throw in all the 'stuff' that we don't know what to do with at the time. This is Marlene's bottom drawer, a place to toss in all the odd and weird stuff that we don't know what else to do with at the moment. So make of it what you will and read on at your own peril!

From Marlene's notes:
I had a dream that I was on an open-top bus, travelling from Newhaven to Lewes.
The bus was just beginning to go up the hill when the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end and my head and ears started buzzing. I knew there was some sort of 'energy' in the area and I began scanning the sky. Suddenly, in front and slightly to the right of me appeared a disc-shaped silver object, with a sort of balcony that ran right around its circumference. As I watched two flaps on the lower half opened and what looked like two thin metal tubes came out of each hole. It fired and I ducked, at the same time knowing it wasn't firing at me, but when I looked over my shoulder I could see a grey pillar of smoke rising up in the distance and I knew that something had happened in Newhaven (or was going to happen!) to do with a fire, either at the port or to do with industry, even though I had seen the silver object fire into the distance.
The silver 'thing' sped off towards the smoke and as I watched I noticed two balls of light rushing back from that direction towards the bus. I thought, "Oh, no! They're going to get us now!" (Even though I was on the top deck on my own).

Almost as if the bus driver had read my mind, the bus began to go faster and faster, but I knew the lights were closing in. It felt as if they picked me up by my shoulders. I don't remember travelling but then I found myself in a sort of barn. There were lots of children and masses of toys. There was even a Christmas tree which I thought was rather odd because it wasn't Christmas but it was the sort of place most children dream of. There were two women there. One seemed a bit like a neighbour, she was quite strict and serious looking. The other was a very 'mumsy' sort of person. She had long, thick blonde hair, wore a long blue dress and had a white apron over it. I knew they were there to look after the children.
I did notice one little boy. He was blonde with huge eyes and a slightly rounded face. He was wearing dark blue dungaree type shorts, with a bib-front and he had a white shirt. He looked up at me and didn't seem at all surprised to see me. He was playing with a wooden train. But when I say playing, he was doing it half-heartedly as if he wasn't really interested at all. Just kept pushing it backwards and forwards. It was then I realised the other children were the same. Some were just sitting there, with no interest whatsoever in their surroundings, and the others were playing with the toys but it was almost mechanical as if they were going through the motions but weren't really getting any enjoyment out of it.
Things changed when the two lights that had brought me here suddenly changed shape and became fairies. One pink, the other yellow. They were about 10 - 12 inches high. The children changed instantly, shrieking with delight, running around and trying to catch them, but the fairies kept flying back to me and tickling around my neck with their wings.
A beautiful woman came in to the 'barn'. She had rich, curly black hair which was coiled on top of her head and fell down her back in a mass of curls. An oval, almost pointed face, huge, dark, almond-shaped eyes and incredibly high-cheekbones. I didn't think I had ever seen anyone so beautiful. I can't remember what she was wearing, only that she seemed to have some sort of authority. She 'told' me, that she had something to show me, but she knew I was loathe to leave the children who were still after the fairies around my neck, at which point the 'fairies' changed again into rabbits. Live rabbits but one was yellow and the other was pink. The children squealed in delight again and then, very gently waited in line to take their turn at stroking the rabbits.

The woman held out a rectangular object to me. About six inches long and two inches wide, no more than half an inch deep. It was made of clear plastic with the exception of a thin centre strip which consisted of what looked like lots of little lights. At one end of this object was what looked like a roller-ball (the sort you would find on a roll-on deodorant) but it was no bigger than the tip of a woman's finger. There was also a rather crude-looking button. (It looked very cheap compared to the rest of the article).
Inside the clear plastic I could see a bright green gel.
The woman told me this item could be used to detect early cancers in the breast and other areas such as the lymph glands and she proceeded to demonstrate.
She raised my arm and placed the ball-tip hard underneath it, rubbed the roller-ball tip up and down, smearing on the green gel, then she stopped at a point under my arm and pressed the button. It vibrated against my skin (it felt just as if someone was stabbing a finger-tip under my arm). It wasn't painful but it was a bit uncomfortable. She told me (telepathically) to watch the centre column and I could see the lights flashing on and off up and down the column. I was told that, depending on the colour of the lights, the object could determine whether any cancers were present and, if so, to what extent (ie size, type and how serious they were). She moved methodically around under my arm carrying out the same procedure at each spot. She also did the same on the other arm.
She told me to remember this object as it would be of great importance and a breakthrough in the early detection of cancer and in some cases it could even detect cancer before it was in the physical body.
When I left the 'barn' I was standing outside of a house looking across the road at the sky. My neighbour was standing to my left and she said, "You look a bit shaken up."
I told her I had seen a spaceship and even though she didn't say anything I knew she thought I had gone mad or had been seeing things.
Suddenly above the house in front of us I saw a red, glowing ball.
"There it is!" I shouted, but when she looked up it had disappeared behind a cloud and I knew she thought I was lying. It appeared again and I shouted again and this time she saw it. "I don't believe it!" she said and she took a camera out of her pocket and began to take photos.
The red ball was like something I had never seen before. It looked as if it was inside a sort of gyroscope, and it wasn't only red but as it spun inside the gyroscope its colour alternated from red to silver and back to red again. It disappeared behind the clouds again and, when it re-appeared it sped off so fast it was just like a flash. My neighbour cursed because she hadn't been able to get any good photos of it but I told her the ones she did have would be something to show her husband when he came home.

When I woke up I wondered whether I had been dreaming or whether part of this 'dream' was, in fact, real. The main reason being that underneath my arms I could still feel the probe that had vibrated around certain areas and my underarm area still felt quite uncomfortable. I also recalled the odd feeling I had had when on the top of the bus, just before the silver object appeared in the sky. I have had feelings in dreams before but only of emotions, not of actual touch.


Another odd dream!

I was lying on a sort of couch (like an operating table, but not as clinical) and I noticed the beautiful woman again.
I was lying there and watching about four pairs of hands opening my stomach and placing a baby boy in it.
I didn't pay much attention as to the owners of the hands but I was very aware that, when they closed me up (which seemed like magic - just drawing a finger along the opening and it closed!) I could feel the baby moving inside of me.

All the time I was arguing in my head, "I can't have a baby! I'm too old and anyway, Dave has had a vasectomy! We can't afford another baby! Where will it sleep? We already use all the bedrooms. It's all right for people like SXXX and TXXX (friends of ours who have four children) they're both working and they've got good jobs and loads of willing helpers to look after the children. I can't have a baby!"

It was then that I woke up and the dream was so real that I found myself placing my hands on my stomach, waiting to feel the baby kick.

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