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Distant Healing


We are obliged to make it clear that despite our own opinion and findings, most evidence that supports the benefits of healing is considered to be 'anecdotal' under changes to the Consumer Protection Regulations in May 2008.

Calling for healing for someone who is not directly available to you because of constraints of distance and travel, can and does work. Be it on a level of the empowerment of positive thought, prayer, or asking for the assistance and intervention of those in Spirit. It may be difficult for many of us to accept this as being fact, but that is unimportant if positive results are demonstrated.

Marlene's healing book
Marlene runs a healing register or "book" to which you can add the name or names of any individuals, or indeed animals, that are in need. Once a day Marlene will request that energies be guided towards those people on the list, those who are unknown to us and suffering depravation, the planet on which we live and for an end to all war.

Marlene can and will do this for you. However, this is something that you can all do for yourselves, as it requires no special skills or development. All it requires is for you to send the thought out. Positive, directed thought is a very powerful thing. It can and will bring about changes for the better. Remember - The Thought Is The Deed.

How can I send distant healing myself?
Anyone can set the wheels in motion. Find a suitable time of the day that you can spend a few minutes in contemplative thought, just before or just after you get into bed is ideal. Allow your mind to become stilled and focused on those you wish to receive healing, names are not important, just try and bring them to mind if they are known to you. Ask to be linked to Spirit, universal harmony, The Great Spirit, God, however you feel is right for you and request that your thoughts are empowered to bring healing to those in your thoughts. If you like you could visualise yourself laying in bed with light coming out of your body, going up into the air and then raining back down all over the Earth. A bit like one of those fibre optic table lamps that were all the fashion at one time.

The same principle can be used to bring about positive change to negative situation such as war, you can ask for light to go into those area's and those people who are of dark thought and dark deed. Positive thought will always overcome negativity, but we have to ask or activate it. Nathaniel, one of Marlene's communicators goes even further than this and advises that we should say, for example: "There will be no war." He then went further and said;

"Do you not think that we try? But as I have said before this evening, there is such a thing as free will and no matter how hard we try to influence that free will, or the thought processes, there will always be one who wishes to go their own way. But of course we spread as much light and love and learning into as many corners of your world as we can... The thought is the deed.... Of course we are aware of many situations on the physical plain within your world and we do all that we can to alleviate certain situations, but sometimes we need your thought as well. It can't all come from the world of Spirit you know, it has to start in the physical plain where the problems are."

There are a number of worldwide groups and organisations that actively meditate or pray for world peace, resolution of local disturbances and positive outcomes to confrontations at set times of the day. They Fountain Group is but one and was founded a number of years ago in Brighton, Sussex.

However you think of this, be it, positive thinking, an affirmation, a prayer, does not matter. Just do it in a way that you are comfortable with, doing something is better than doing nothing at all. Once again we see that motive is everything.

Healing comes in many guises. It may be called Spiritual Healing, Hands On Healing, Distant Healing, Remote Healing, Reiki, or Faith Healing. (Although no faith is required!) It is holistic healing in that it seeks to addresses the seat of the problem or disease of the person effected, the whole body not just the symptom.

It is not correct to think of it as being alternative, for this implies a rejection of all conventional healing methods. We must not loose sight of the fact that all medical practitioners, surgeons, nurses, therapist and all who are associated with conventional medicine are healers in their own way. Their lineage can be traced back to the earliest recorded medical schools in ancient Greece. Without exemption they are motivated to the best of their ability by a desire to repair or heal their patients.

If you wish to attend a Healer for a consultation you should seek one who has trained with an accredited organisation and is a member of a Healing Association. They will then be covered by appropriate insurance's; have had to pass an assessment of their abilities to an acceptable standard, in practice, theory and code of conduct. You can also expect the same confidentiality that you would receive from your GP. This does not guarantee that they will be able to help you, but it does provide confidence to the patient. Do not expect the healer to display the intimate knowledge of the body that a doctor will have, it is not required as they are only a channel or conduit for the healing energies.

The healer can never promise to cure an individual. Many terminally ill patients will consult a healer as a last resort; some will even go as far as to state that the Doctor or Hospital has "given up on them." (Their words) At times a miracle cure may be seen, but on most occasions the outcome is inevitable. In these situations it would be hoped that the Healer can help the patient prepare and come to terms with their passing in a kindly and honest way. Hopefully, it would enable them to become at ease, with their disease, calm their fear and release them from (at least some) pain. It is not always necessary for the Healer to bring up the subject of the Afterlife, some patient will reject the possibility and the practitioner themselves may not wish to work in that way.

If the Healer can bring comfort at a time like this, they can never have been said to failed. They have been of the greatest possible service to the patient of all.

For the UK more information can be found on: - A compilation of organisations and healing groups. - National Federation of Spiritual Healers & Healing Today magazine. - Matthew Manning. World-renowned healer, teacher and author.

Miracles do happen however
There are few in the world who do appear to bring about miracle cures and spontaneous healing, such as Sai Baba in India and Joåo Teixeira da Faria in Brazil. Both achieve the most remarkable of results, came from very humble beginnings and continue live modestly. In the case of Joåo, it is document that he and his team of volunteers treat more patients in a day than most western hospitals, without pay and without prejudice. He as been tested and examined by the worlds best scientific minds, welcoming such investigations in the hope it will prove to everyone the existence of the Spirit World. Each of his operations are video recorded and he has never been found to be fraudulent, yet like many he is persecuted at times by those in authority who fear loss of the status quo. Much has been written about these two men and a little research on the net will reveal far more than can ever be written here. Nexus magazine published a facinating account of Joåo Teixeira da Faria taken from Robert Pellegrino-Estrich's book The Miracle Man: The Life Story of Joåo de Deus and can be found at
The official Sai Baba web site can be found at

Reiki is another form of healing that seems to have achieved popular acceptance, it certainly seems to be the one that has the most followers and practitioners. It is mentioned here only because Marlene is a Reiki Healer although she does not use it as a specific healing method.

The beginnings of Reiki are surrounded by a (reasonably) modern day myth and this may have been part of its original appeal to some when it came to the west from Japan. Legend has it that Dr. Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926) went up onto Mt Kurama and meditated for twenty-one days, where on the last day an amazing white light appeared and hit him in the middle of the forehead, where upon the Sanskrit symbols used in Reiki were revealed to him. He then went on to develop the Reiki system of healing and studied in the United States for some time. Reiki was always said to be passed on in the oral tradition of the great storytellers.

Unfortunately, recent research has found no evidence for much of the legend. However, this does not discredit the methods of Reiki practice although they are perhaps, more ritual in nature that other disciplines. One aspect of the legend is very interesting as it has parallels in the Norse and Teutonic runic inscriptions which are genuinely ancient and have been found in rock carvings dating back 8,000 years. Interestingly the term "rune" comes from the Indo-European root ru which means "mystery" or "secret."

Compare the legends
According to myth, runes were created by Odin (also Woden) who was the Norse God of wisdom, war and death. Odin sacrificed himself by hanging, pierced by a spear, (another parallel?) upon the Yggradsil, or the World Tree for nine days and nights in order to gain secret wisdom. Towards the end of his suffrage he was shown the rune tablets and symbols contained upon them. This was the birth of the rune alphabet and system of divination by casting of the rune tablets.
One very worthwhile aspect of Reiki is that it teaches the practitioner the discipline of working around the whole of the patient's body in a very thorough and logical order, starting from and returning to the head upon completion. The gentle laying on of hands and flowing movement between one position to the next is very comforting and relaxing for the person being treated. The Reiki symbols are used as an empowerment tool by the practitioner as he or she goes about the treatment of the patient.

Learn more about Reiki at the UK Reiki Federation's website,


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