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We are delighted with the response that we have received regarding the website and welcome any constructive comments that you may have regarding the content.

Marlene has also received many personal thank you notes and these are just a few extracts chosen at random from the hundreds of cards, letters and emails she has on file:

“I think of the information you gave me several times a day, and when I wake up during the night... You said I could send you an e-mail to put my sons name on your healing-list. (Name given) I don't know if you remember what you told me, but I checked with my sister how (name deleted) died. As you told me, he died suddenly because a vein burst in his chest. I didn't know that - but you where absolutely right!
I hope you'll visit Bergen again :-)”
Via email 2010.

“I took part in the workshop that you and Darren ran in the Sanctuary in Dublin last weekend and I would like to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and your time with me and the others who also took part. My friend who has never been to anything like this before is still buzzing. I was also lucky enough to be a recipient of a spirit reading at the service on the Sunday, thank you again. I will keep my eyes open for the next time you are coming over”. Via email 2010.

“Thank you so much for connecting with my husband, I feel so happy and elated I can’t thank you enough. God Bless You.” Thank you card 2010.

“A HUGE THANK YOU to you for seeing mum and I recently. As always you were brilliant and we left feeling uplifted. Your talents are amazing and you are a lovely lady. You spent a long time with us and we wanted to say thank you. Looking forward to seeing you again although next time you must let us pay you. Thank you again Marlene, you are a real star.” Via email 2010.

“Thank you once again for a wonderful workshop, you are truly amazing at what you do and it is a pleasure to be in your company when you work with Spirit.... (personal information deleted)……I really enjoyed the workshop and again learned so much about myself, my friends (name given) and (name given) feel that it has opened up a whole new life for them both, I was delighted for them. They were just fascinated. So until our paths cross again, which I am sure they will, I wish you love and happiness and lots of fun.
Via email 2010.

“I just wanted to say a big Thank You for a great weekend. I really enjoyed being in your group and learning from your wisdom. I hope I get the chance to learn with you again.” Thank you card 2010.

“Let me say how much I enjoyed seeing you work and the quality which you always present. An especially big thank you for my mum’s presence on Mothers Day, this meant a lot to me and my sister who she had referred to. I know that you will continue to be a terrific ambassador for Spirit – and beyond – as a teacher and medium, but it is Marlene the loving, kind woman who truly makes this magic happen.” Peer review via email 2010

“I really only came to accompany my friend and did not really think about having a reading myself, or should I say getting so much from one. Marlene, you were fantastic and I felt you gave me far too much of your time. However, I am so grateful for the reading, especially when communicating with… (Personal information and circumstances deleted). You however put my mind at rest and gave me the first good nights sleep I have had in the last year!

You are a truly inspirational woman, it is so blatantly obvious that you care for people and their lives, you have empathy and insight that is touched with so much caring, you are certainly a rare and exceptional human being”.
Via email 2010.

“Thank you so much Marlene for seeing us on Thursday. We were so nervous before we came to see you but felt very relaxed sitting in your lovely home.
Its been really strange Marlene that we came away not sure but as we talked and went over the things you told us as there was so much to take in we started to think oh my goodness you really did talk to our (name given). "

(Cont. Three paragraphs of personal information deleted)……. Marlene as the days have gone on I feel (it’s difficult to describe how I feel ) but I feel elated to think I will see her one day. You were very generous not to accept any money and you gave up your whole morning for us”. Via email 2010.

“…. It was very encouraging and uplifting. It is so good when people have a lovely gift and are willing to use it in helping others.”
Thank you card 2010.

“It was lovely to see you and we felt so much comfort in all you were able to relay to us. It answered many questions that we needed to know. We feel that (name given) is closer now.” Thank you card 2010.

"Thank you once again for a wonderful workshop, you are truly amazing at what you do and it is a pleasure to be in your company when you work with Spirit."  Dublin, Jan.2010

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic weekend (workshop). I feel now that I have been given all the right tools for the job.” Oct 2006.

“(Thank you for)…. your generous free sitting, I have donated to the (named) Hospice. Marlene you have taken a great deal of pressure from my shoulders for I did not know where to turn." August 2007.

“You touched my life in a massive way nine years ago and helped me to get through the most difficult time I could have imagined… You taught me so much about myself and opened me up to a whole new way of thinking and I believe that I still rely on the positivity that I learned from you” Feb. 2008

"The feedback (from the event) has been wonderful, my (partner) thought you were just fantastic. Up until now she has never really been impressed, but she thought you were just a brilliant vehicle for Spirit and she loves your style. I am well and truly in the Marlene fan club and hope that (venue) will see a lot more of you." May 2008

“I was really blown away, this (letter) explains how spot on you were, you have given real closure. The (name given) reference is my daughter, the baby he was looking after and keeping safe. It was a nickname used by me, I’d completely forgotten as when she was born (deceased) we’d named her and since she’d been referred to as that.………There was more that was said, but I was so blown away by the whole experience some is a blur. Marlene talked about things that I’d suppressed over time, she allowed me to have an experience that can never be matched. I can’t express my feelings toward her for this.” June 2008

"I have been processing the information in my mind since yesterday and have to say it still amazes me you could get so much accurate information on a subject that you couldn't POSSIBLY have known before!"

"Once again, many thanks for listening to me and bringing some comfort into my life when it was truly needed."

"You are a gifted and generous medium and deserve all the happiness that you give out to others."

"Thank you for your positivity always sent. Thank you for your gift, friendship and time."

"Marlene, I can see why your readings are in demand. Fear not I'm not thrown, but I am VERY impressed! And I'm smiling too :))"

"God gave you the gift of touching lives, thank you for touching mine."

"Thank you for your kindness and generosity of soul and spirit."


Although it is not sought, it is always nice to get some sort of feed back as mediums do not always know how the information has been received or if it is accurate. Fortunately, this does seem to be the case and Marlene was very pleased and humbled to have been able to touch the lives of these people.
To relax (?) Marlene often participates in online psychic testing on such sites as the Boundary Institute and the Institute for Holistic Empowerment. Usually you only get to know what your score was, but this recent insertion was displayed on the Intuition Projects home page and is another interesting piece of feedback:

"marjw [Marlene]… this one was the first I read, if not the first. I thought wow! This person is right on with their intuitive thoughts about me, but I didn't want to jump the gun due to it being one of the first. So I waited and even after over a week of participants, this person still stands out."